Free Muslim condemns terrorist bombings in Nigeria

Free Muslim condemns terrorist bombings in Nigeria

The International Non-Violence Organization, Free Muslim, has expressed its strong condemnation over the terrorist bombings that have afflicted innocent people in Nigeria, stressing its solidarity with the Nigerian people and…

Sunday, 06 May 2018 17:19

the victims.

“The organization was informed of the news from the northeastern town of Mobi, which was recently hit by a double-scale attack on the town’s mosque and market, killing more than thirty civilians and injuring sixty others,” the organization said in a statement received by Shiawaves.

The statement added that “This cowardly operation that as committed by the hands of darkness and extremism is an unforgivable crime against humanity, calling for international solidarity that limits its damage first and works to stop the terrorist acts, secondly, by drying up the sources of extremist materialistically and and ideologically.”

The organization appealed to the Almighty to inspire the victims’ families with patience and fortitude, and the wounded to recover quickly.

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