SRW praises Pakistan’s first steps against anti-Shiism

SRW praises Pakistan’s first steps against anti-Shiism

Shia Rights Watch International Organization honors the stance Judge Nisar took in his recognition of the detriments Shia Hazara face and the initiative he has taken to stop violence against…

Saturday, 19 May 2018 17:10

 this community.

In the past, anti-Shiism in Pakistan has gone unnoticed. Victims of violence were robbed of their peace of mind, and they continued life knowing perpetrators of anti-Shiism wonder their neighborhoods. Justice Nisar’s efforts are an initiation to retribution for Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Shia Rights Watch thanks the Judge and all those who stand by his side for taking long overdue steps towards justice.

The Hazara ethnic group is mostly Shia Muslim originating from Hazarajat, Afghanistan. Post-1880’s, Hazara Shia fled their land in fear of persecution by King Abdurrahman who during his reign enslaved and killed thousands of Shia Muslims. Many took refuge in Baluchistan.  However, contrary to their expectations, the Hazara faced discrimination. They were, and continue to be targets of violence by extremist groups.

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