Clashes start up again in Farah City

Clashes start up again in Farah City

Local officials confirmed early Thursday that clashes between Afghan Security forces and Taliban terrorists have resumed in Farah city after terrorists attacked security forces on Wednesday night.

Thursday, 17 May 2018 18:03

The officials said Taliban terrorists are hiding in civilian houses.

They confirmed three suicide bombers detonated explosives close to police headquarters and government buildings.

Residents have meanwhile said Taliban terrorists started clashes with government forces on Wednesday night close to the police headquarters building. The residents said currently insurgents are also in clashes with forces in other parts of the city.

The residents added that insurgents have targeted the house of a member of the provincial council.

“The Afghan and foreign air forces have also targeted the terrorists,” residents said.

Early Tuesday, Taliban terrorists attacked Farah city. Twenty five security force members were killed in a day-long battle.

But on Wednesday morning, provincial governor Basir Salangi told TOLOnews that about 300 terrorists had been killed in the clashes which started when about 2,000 Taliban attacked the city.

“Residents said the Taliban terrorists had been pushed back from the city, but they were in Shir Koh, Pesht Koh districts and Regi area of the city.

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